All registrations must be completed online, payment is prefered via PIN payment. If your club is not registered, boxers nominations will not be accepted.

Selection Policies are all under the Selection Policies Tab in the top right hand corner of this page

Blue Cards are a pre requisite for all volunteers, coaches, referees & judges - You must now have a blue card on you at all times when participating in any official Boxing Qld event, including but not limited to sparring days, development days, tournaments & championships.

The new laws state NO CARD, NO PLAY. You must create a blue card account online and send that account number to the secretary along with your DOB, full name, Mob # & email address

If you have a blue card through a different organisation you must link that card to Boxing Qld. If it is not linked your card is not valid at Boxing Qld events.

Blue Card Portal

If you require any further information, Contact Boxing Queensland