Boxing Queensland have adopted a zero tolerance policy for abuse of any kind.

The verbal abuse and negative criticism of officials, coaches & volunteers is as unacceptable as the verbal abuse and negative criticism of our boxers.

We ask that you support all volunteers involved with our organisation starting with the Referees and Judges by trusting their judgement and integrity.

Our ZERO TOLERANCE policy is designed to create a safe family friendly atmosphere at all Boxing Qld sanctioned events throughout Qld.

It is never acceptable to abuse officials, athletes & or coaches verbally or otherwise, in any situation. It is the duty of all of us to ensure we create the right atmosphere, clubs, coaches and officials alike.


Enjoy the bout, cheer and support your boxer, have a great time, you can and quite often will be disappointed with a decision or disagree with a decision, but you must not bring the integrity of our officials into the equation. Please remember that they are the ones volunteering their time so that you can watch your boxer participate in their sport of choice.

You will not use obscene, racial, vulgar language or be over boisterous towards or about any individual, club or group at any time.

Do not taunt boxers, coaches, officials or other spectators by means of baiting, ridiculing and or threatening physical violence either in the venue or outside.


Never taunt, intimidate or bully any person, boxer, coach or official either in person or via social media (please refer to the BA social media policy)

Do not use obscene, racial or vulgar language toward any person or group at any time

  • Do not approach any Referees or Judges at any time to question a decision or to complain about the decision.
  • Do not attempt to intimidate ringside officials by staring or making physical gestures
  • Do not speak loudly or yell out your concerns regarding any decisions, whether positive or negative.
  • The decision is final and will not be changed or reversed.



Never bully a fellow team mate or opponent

Conduct yourself respectfully during the bout

Shake your opponents and their coaches hands regardless of the outcome, leave the ring in a manner respectful of the referee, spectators, your opponent and the sport

Do not approach any Referee or Judge at any time to question a decision or to complain about the decision, The decision is final and will not be changed or reversed.


Officials are required to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike, non-vindictive and unbiased manner always. The actions of an official must be above reproach. Actions such as ‘baiting’ and or inciting boxers or coaches are strictly prohibited.

Committee Members

At no time are committee members permitted to talk about (in an unfair or biased manner), demean or belittle boxers, coaches, officials, fellow committee members or clubs in person or on social media. A reminder that you are volunteers voted in bynthe members for Boxing Queensland and are also bound by the social media policy.

Boxing Queensland

Boxing Queensland are required to apply these guidelines in a realistic manner. The zero tolerance policy is designed to eliminate any and all direct confrontations between all and any stake holders (boxers, coaches & officials), while still allowing all parties an avenue to communicate in a calm and reasonable manner.

Tournament Marshalls,

It will be the responsibility of the host club to appoint Zero Tolerance Marshalls at their own tournaments. Clubs will be assisted by the Boxing Qld Committee during the introduction of the policy. Marshalls are there just to talk and should not at any time get involved in confrontation or dispute. If a club, coach or official is reported to be in breach of the policy the Boxing Queensland committee will review circumstances and deal with the outcome accordingly.

Breaches & Outcomes

All alleged breaches are to be reported to the committee ASAP, all incidents will be treated on their own merits. The committee will decide on the outcome and if there is any cause for disciplinary action.

All incidents will be dealt with in a confidential manner and outcomes will not be publicised or made public.

Possible disciplinary actions can be but are not limited to –

  • Counselling;
  • Basic warning;
  • Censure;
  • A complaint made to Boxing Australia under its Participant Protection Regulations and/or its Regulations for the Determination of Complaints
  • A complaint made to Integrity Australia

No club or individual is exempt, above or free from the zero-tolerance policy.